Board Members

President Rodney Ring
Vice President Aaron Capps
Secretary Lindsey Hutchinson
Treasurer Erin Preece
Information Director David Shipps
Sponsorship/Fundraising Heather M. / Alexis A.
Player Agent Sarah Willis
Marketing/Public Relations Heather M. / Alexis A.
Team Mom Coordinator TBA
Concession Manager Rich Pittala
Safety Officer Erin Baumhardt
Umpire-in-Chief Mike Vanderpoel
Director of Rookies Henry Reisinger
Director of Minors Brad Bielen
Director of Majors Joe Reilly
Director of Challengers Rich Carroll
Director of 50/70 JR SR Jim Butler
Equipment Manager Alicia Silva
Grounds Committee Kevin Scott
Mike Vanderpoel
Aaron Capps
Auditing Committee Stephanie Beach
Stefano Raggazino
Brad Bielen

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